Lead Pipe?

I found this on the main entrance line. It appears to be a lead covering, the underlaying pipe appears to be copper or is it lead pipe?
I have not seen this before.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

That is certainly a Lead supply, and should be commented on as such in the report.

These are getting to be pretty rare but some still have not been replaced.



I am glad that you confirmed my instinct.
Thanks Gerry!!

Out of all th older homes that I do and have done in Pittsburgh, this is the first one. Go figure.

Yeah , you can tell from the shape as it is a soft metal.

If you really need to confirm it, then just scratch it with a key.

I put it under materials as listed, but they are coated with minerals through the years to where it is not a big reason for concern.

Lots of them in Chicago. No effect on me (duh , any body see my rubber baby bumper)

I find them all the time here in the Philadelphia area. As soon as you see that sweated bulb it should raise an eyebrow. I have a canned comment for these because I encounter them so much.

Good catch.

Thank you all again.

Like I mentioned earlier, this was the first one with the bulbous pipe entrance and it did raise my eyebrow.