Don't You Just Hate Monday Mornings Like This at 3:30 in The Morning?



No but my son does. :slight_smile:

Not a good thing to wake up to, Marcel.

I’ll leave the 12" thing alone…for now.

. And tomorrow it will be 0° F .We have had this for two days now it is your turn … Roy

Thanks for sharing Roy, I hear another Noreaster if coming on Thursday.

Jeff, let your Son know that once he is 63 years old, he might still have to do it. ;):slight_smile:

If he is still living in my basement at age 63 then he will still be shoveling. Goes without saying.

I just told him that Thursdays noreaster has his name written on it. He failed to see the humor in that.

lol no i do not miss it

We had an ice storm here and two inches of ice Many homes in Toronto with no electric for over a week .I was away and got home Friday .
Spent two days getting my drive way clear .
Hot water running and a scraper 35°F .
Now back down to below zero

Same here Roy, took advantage of the weekend temperatures of 35 and 40# of salt and had my driveway all nice and clear.

Still a few people with no power up here from that ice storm.

I had an inch of ice on my truck tunnel cover.

-5 degrees tonight is in the forcast. Down to 10 already.

Jeff, if he is still in the basement at 63, you will be in a retirement home and you won’t know if he clean the driveway up or not. :mrgreen:

You need a garage for your vehicles and one of these for the driveway.

Blizzard of 2011.jpg

Holly crap Marcel! You need to move south!! I’ll take 120 degrees over ZERO any day.

Wow, glad we have a mild winter going on here…

weather for this week.JPG

Got a snowblower Linas, but it sucks that early in the morning and then drive an hour, work an hour and drive an hour again. Makes for a long day.
Not getting any younger you know.
Tomorrow I got to go shovel the roof. I hate 4/12. :):wink:

Marcel think Spring it is only 81 days away


Unusual as it is around here, I had a small flock of about 20 robins sunning in a tree outside my bedroom window a couple of days ago in below zero F. weather.

Why they had not flown South yet, I have no clue.

Haven’t seen Robins, but I have Blue Jays, Cardinals, Red Breasted Wood Peckers, and a variety of smaller birds in my feeders that I thought flew south also.

Bluejays and cardinals stay here in the Winter.

I looked it up and I guess robins move more based on available food more than temperature.

Sure seemed odd to see that many together in my back yard when it has been so cold and snowy.

You guys can have that type of hassle. Here it’s shorts all year and windows wide open all winter.

And my vehicles all stay in the garage every day and night!

The robins are just starting to arrive in Fort Pierce, FL