It's gonna get Cold in N. Florida tonight

It gonna get Cold in N. Florida tonight…
Yep! 26 for the low…I hate it!

Break out the long johns!

I live for it :slight_smile:

It gonna get Cold in N. Florida tonight…
Yep! 28 for the low…I hate it!

28? That’s a balmy over night low Master Roy. :wink: It was colder than that when I got up this morning. We are supposed to get in the lower teens over night tonight with wind chill factor in single digits…

Sir Roy It was 56 in Maine today and calling for a low of 37 tonight, crazy weather, no snow here yet the grass is still green I may have to get the lawn mower out one last time before snow.

What’s snow

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That nasty white stuff that sticks to everything and freezes. :grinning:

I call it white death. I was in Alaska for 7 years on the Northern slope near Prudhoe Bay. Hate it and I never want to see white death again… nope
It was so cold the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets


You flipping Yanks can have all that shit you want. I’m sitting right now here with my parka on. And it’s only 47 degrees. Don’t laugh.

In January, when it’s 75 degrees where you are and it’s 10 degrees where they are, guess who gets the last laugh… :wink:

What’s wrong with a bit of snow? :grin:


Junior don’t show me crap like that. I’m in Florida. I think !

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You could make a nice snow fort in that snowbank and have snowball fights. :grinning:

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I don’t want to make any of that. I want to make sandcastles on the beach. While I’m looking at the girls in the little skimpy bikinis and thongs.
Yep !
Screw a bunch of snow.
You guys can have all that shit. I’ve had enough. And don’t want anymore

Snow bunnies like to snuggle when it is cold.

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Florida “Snow Bunnies”…

I got your snow bunny right here.

You guys are trying to stroke me. I will be not stroke by bunch of Yankees. No!

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