Doo you work with any kydex for holsters or sheaths for tools?

I am considering working with kydex to make some custom tool holders MT-6, Ruler, Sharpie, moisture meter, temp gun etc…

I am looking for anyone who works with it as a hobby or a second job for advice or used tools.

Let me know if you are involved with making things out of kydex or similar products.

I think it may be an interesting and fun and useful hobby to get involved with and l am looking for some used tools. Presses, eyelet setters band saws, band sanders. Kydex Or similar material that you do not intend on using. I’ll try anything just to learn if the price is right or “FREE” :slight_smile: If you give me the stuff I’ll give it my best shot to try to make whatever you want. I just want to learn.

I know next to nothing about it but think it would be fun. I purchased Mike S.'s kitchen Kydex so I have a little knowledge and am looking to get started.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice,