Double main

The main is double tapped. The white hot is not properly marked. No bonding screw or strap. Is there other issues I might be missing.

Double taps of the neutrals. Only allowed one neutral under each lug.

ground and neutrals under the same screw

Dont know where the location of that box is, but the wires leaving the box should be protected.

Do not see much Romex but are there 3 bushings missing at bottom left of the panel?

Those blank looking breakers disturb me, so what size conductor and what is the amp on that top right double.?

Pretty obvious they had no room for a breaker to that sub-panel on the left as the reason why they doubletapped.

Bob E,

The top right breakers are 2 single pole breakers.

At the bottom left of the panel the connectors look like Tomics, at least on the laptop screen.

This is a split-bus main panel. I assume the meter is directly above and that is not a disconnect. If it is a disconnect then this should be set up as a sub-feed.

This panel requires 5 throws to shut off power.

The double tapped mains for the 2 phases are problems.
Neutrals and ground under the same terminal screw are problems.
Is there a panel bond for the neutral/ground bars?