Master Class For Home Inspectors - Roofing

Sealant was applied at the intersection of the shingles and headwall over the main entrance. Proper clearance of the siding channel from shingles was not maintained. A second layer of shingles was installed. Moisture staining and elevated moisture level was observed on sheathing on attic side of this intersection. Recommend repair by a qualified roofing contractor.

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Good reply to your class Brian, but I would have hit harder on the siding interface with the shingles and a lack of a lot of things. I know this is for your studies and keep up the good work!!

Did you look to see if the second layer of shingles was properly step flashed?

Knowing it was a course question, there were some other things that should be mentioned. Albeit, the post is to the online course which doesn’t care. Just us… :wink:

Yes, But not knowing his background, my question is to help with his education.

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Not disagreeing with you and so was mine. :thinking:

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Where are you located that allows 2 layers of shingles. was the 2nd layer a new layer or been there for years?

I live in missouri and 2 layers are allowed.
Heck I see 3, 4, 5, 6 layers all the time.

Brian, If you are a student, as many have assumed, I will direct you here to learn the difference between a sidewall and a headwall. Mastering Roof Inspections: Flashing, Part 2 - InterNACHI®
The picture accompanying your comment shows a sidewall.


Scott, yes this was for a course. Your question was a good one and I did not see step flashing at this location, a good detail to include.

Bert you’re correct I should have referenced the wall as a sidewall; accuracy of detail is what we are paid to provide. Nice reminder too in the article you referenced.

Thanks guys for your constructive comments and observations this is how we can hone our skills.