Double tapped GFCIs?

Here’s a weird one… Can you double tap a GFCI? I’m gonna go look thru some regs. Hope someone beats me to it.

Are you referring to the Grounded Conductors?

You can, but you’re not supposed to. Do you have any pictures of one that’s double tapped? Those in your original post are not.

Was looking at these two wires going into this breaker.

Now look at the diagram above

Ahhhhh… So those SHOULD be “double tapped”. I’m gonna go try to not feel like an idiot right now.

Is one the circuit neutral and one the breaker neutral ? If so, there is no double tap. One is a factory connection.

They need both to function. The Pigtail conductor is factory installed and not actually on the same terminal. The circuit ground needs to pass through the breaker so that is can measure return amperage to determine if there is a loss. AFCIs also need to route the ground conductor through the breaker. Some of the newer ones have a direct physical connection from the breaker to the grounded bus to reduce the clutter of all the additional grounded conductors.

No - there are no “double taps” in your photos. “Double tap” is a term (slang) reserved for an improper condition where two or more conductors are attached under a single terminal or screw that is listed for only one conductor.

What you have is not improper. Each conductor is terminated individually.

That is OK as long as it’s not your client thinking that…