Double wide court issues

Have beeen on this inspection 3 times now. (Getting items listed to take company to court.) On the 3rd inspection the owner had me cut an access in the garage to the attic.
Well today the owner & her attorney had me back out to go over the items I found with the company & their attorney. The biggest issues were in the attic & on the roof. The crew foreman was there also & went into the attic.

Pic #1 gable end — No studs from top to bottom or 24" O.C. , gaps in sheeting, & could push in & out easily. He said that the company only requires that the ends are sheeted. I showed him the “APA” stamp on the sheathing & a copy of the specs. from APA. Which states vertical studs are to be no more than 24" O.C. He stated this is the way he was told to install.

Pic #2 Roof decking 7/16" sheathing, 2’ O.C. rafters. No “H” clips. Again I showed him the specs from “APA” stating they are to be used. He siad that they have been building them this way for 30 yrs. I told him I can see 30 yrs. worth of repairs needed.

Pic. #3 Center brace leg brackets. He finally said “oops”.

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