doubletap question

Fount this in an electrical panel today. The bottom right breaker has a doubletap to a box laying in the bottom of the panel. The breaker states if is for the smoke alarms…any idea what this box is?


Not allowed to be installed in the electrical service box.

Did it have door bell wires coming off of it. From the pic it looks like a transformer for low voltage.

So what would be the verbage on this? Double tapped breaker and low voltage transformer found in electrical panel recommend an electrician evaluate and repair as needed?

Keep it simple.

Double tap noticed at lower right breaker. This brand of breaker is designed for only one wire per connection . Correction is recommended to ensure proper performance and to provide proper protection to home occupants.

Transformer is improperly installed in main electrical panel. Transformer needs to be relocated outside the main electrical box to prevent damage to low voltage wiring which can lead to fire/injury.

People may disagree with some of the wording I just typed but you get the idea.

Anthony I think that verbage is fine, I have never seen a transformer in a panel before, but I also didn’t no transformers were not allowed in a panel, so I learned something from Kevin today.

This arrangement is seen a lot in older house in my area.

UFO. L.O.L. Unauthorized Foreign Object…:mrgreen:



Many people have e-mailed me to ask where specifically is this a violation of the National Electrical Code in order to base it on a safety standpoint. I guess my first response would be this :

1.) The XFMR is not mounted and installed in accordance with the listing of the manufactures specifications.

I would then move onto where the NEC says the following :

725.136 Separation from Electric Light, Power, Class 1,
Non–Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuit Conductors,
and Medium-Power Network-Powered Broadband
Communications Cables.

**(A) General. **Cables and conductors of Class 2 and Class 3
circuits shall not be placed in any cable, cable tray, compartment,
enclosure, manhole, outlet box, device box, raceway,
or similar fitting with conductors of electric light,
power, Class 1, non–power-limited fire alarm circuits, and
medium-power network-powered broadband communications
circuits unless permitted by 725.136(B) through (I).

Now in the case of many panels used for fire alarm systems or surround sound type designs, the enclosures are manufactured and UL approved with the proper seperation as given below in furthur reading of the sub-section.

**(B) Separated by Barriers.
**Class 2 and Class 3 circuits
shall be permitted to be installed together with the conductors
of electric light, power, Class 1, non–power-limited fire alarm
and medium power network-powered broadband communications
circuits where they are separated by a barrier.

**© Raceways Within Enclosures.

**In enclosures, Class 2
and Class 3 circuits shall be permitted to be installed in a
raceway to separate them from Class 1, non–power-limited
fire alarm and medium-power network-powered broadband
communications circuits.

Just so you know…the last one has to do with internal wiring of components within a specific piece of associated equipment. This also provides the needed seperation.

Now onto the safety issues, added heat build up and potential for damage to other conductors within the enclosure.

Hope this was helpful in explaining where the violation and safety concern concern has it’s roots.