whats this

Could someone explain what this is. Its double tapped into a breaker.

The last pic is just two wires taped together there for no apparent reason.

The thing in the bottom is likely the doorbell transformer which is not permitted to be installed as shown in the photo since the secondary conductors are Class 2 conductors and are not permitted within the panel. The two conductors taped together appear to be abandoned and are maybe being saved for possible future use.

What Robert said…doorbell, and should not be inside of panel.

This is something a “certified” inspector should know.

Well I’m not a “certified” inspector yet nor have I claimed to be a “certified” inspector. Never done an inspection for money and it will be some time before I do, just trying to learn the ropes so that I can do a good job but thanks for your opinion cause I don’t know if I could of made it through the day without it. If I wanted to have shots taken at me I could just sitdown with my wife.

My 2 cents.
Chris you have to remember most of the people on here are professionals and are PROUD of the work they do. They do not like it when inexperienced people try to take their jobs away(I am not saying this is you) lately there has been a lot of questioned asked on this forum that are basic, people should know with training,and I am sure they are reacting to that.
That being said in the construction industry you have to have THICK skin.

Everybody on this board at one time was new. We never covered doorbells in class. This is a place for us all to ask questions and recieve professional answers

Watch for doorbell tranformers in the attic also. I have found a few covered in insulation. One I found by wondering why the wires were going down into nothing.

I do see doubled neutrals though. :smiley:

I understand - some inspection knowledge can be difficult to acquire and electrical is certainly one of the more difficult areas if you have no background in the area. However, don’t let the comments deter you - I prefer to think that everyone here means well. Keep asking questions - you will get answers that will add to your knowledge base. The other thing I would suggest is that you make it a habit of reading as many posts as possible in every “skill” area (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.). There is a wealth of knowledge there !

loll good one :wink:

the great thing about this forum is that when ever you have a question (like this one) there is always someone here to help you out, sure…there’s a few guys that think (and act) like they are the center of all creations. But must of us are willing to answer questions…btw, they where newbie too in the beginning…

so my advice

1-ask as many questions you want… here and everywhere
2-make a basic list like this one for the electrical panel
–front, top clearance…is it accessible?
–Brand from hell :shock:: Federal pacific , Sylvania …if not , continue
–How many Amp ?
–visual : how does it looks?
–Is the panel live?..(i never open a live panel)
–Double taps? (look everywhere)
–Anything loose??
–Grounded panel?
–conductors types…and are they damaged?
–conductors connecting to …nothing
–AWG correspond to right breaker (or fuse) size…?
–Door bell…(loll) :mrgreen:
–Anything that could damage (nails, screws…)
–Signs of arcing
–GFCI (yes/no)…yes : to what…functional?
–Hot spots …Great if you have an IR, if not , put your tongue on the breakers…(kidding)

3-If you are not sure, write it in the report, remember you are not an electrician

4-Find a inspector (here) that is willing to answer your questions and help you out via PM…i did asked alot of newbie questions and got great responses from pros (in the Canadian section). guys like Roy D Cooke, Wayne B Wilson, Marcel Gratton (and a few more) are really great

it’s all i could think for now, it’s 11:00. going to sleep…:roll:

Another possibility is a t-stat transformer if the building is on steam heat, but as mentioned earlier it is not a legal install.

Hi Chris
I agree with others that it’s probably the doorbell transformer. Check with you own juristiction but in my area it’s not allowed to be double tapped into an existing breaker.
Two thumbs down to ccurrins.

Doorbell transformer, see them all the time, just not inside the panel.