Download the New InterNACHI "Veteran-Owned" Icon

Download the New InterNACHI “Veteran-Owned” Icon for Members in the United States.

Here is how to use this icon:

Make a separate page on your website with PIC of you in your military uniform and a light description of the service you provided to your country.

Then link to that page from the new Veteran-Owned icon.

A Canadian version is forthcoming.

My wife’s a pilot in the USAF, maybe I should display a picture of her…

One from the female pilot calendar edition? :slight_smile:

What does she fly Derek?

Used to fly AC130s, now flying MQ-1 Predator…

Woo Predator! My favorite.

Awesome. I’m sure you feel better with her flying from an office rather than from the seat of a gunship.

Yes Kevin I do, although I think she misses the buzz…

I know that buzz although not as good as your wife. When I was in the AF I worked transient maintenance at a C-5 base meaning I worked on everything that landed there except C-5s. I worked on many C-130s but never did get to see a gun ship.

That’s cool stuff, we’re at the Dayton Celtic festival atm having numerous cold ones. We’ll have to meet up soon for a beer or a coffee or whatever you like…

Sounds great.

While I was stationed in Okinawa - 3rdMarDiv had the “pleasure” of jumping out of a few C130’s. My best ride was in a C141 - now that’s a huge bird…

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