USAF Virtual Museum

If you love military planes then you will love this site…the next best thing
to being there.

USAF Virtual Museum

Yes, the place is awesome. Plan at least two days if you like planes.

Thanks for the link.

I visit this Museum at least once a year. If anyone is planning on visiting be sure to wear your best walking shoes. The place is huge.

I was born there. I’ve been back a couple times.

The XB70 was always my favorite

XB70 was an awesome plane still my favorite by far is the SR71.
Saw the SR71 take off from Kadena AFB…watching it light up the runway at night was simply breath taking. Hard to believe it goes back as far as 1962.

F16 is still my favorite fighter with the F15 being a close 2nd.

I was privileged to work daily with pilots who pulled command post duty…fascinating to listen to them as they spoke of their planes as if it were a fine woman.

Oh, I totally agree…
When we were doing “Dog & Ponies” with the AWACS (E3A) in the far East we were based at Kadena (this was before they finally based a squardron of E3’s there), my favorite time to watch the tarmac was when you hear the “454 CC” GM engine fire-up that black beauty, completely dark it would rumble by our hanger to runway, the siloutte then would come alive with two orange/red flames and a very short time later lift-off straight into the night, with just two little reddish orange dots in the skyline… That 45 day TDY was my favorite and watching that aircraft has always been a favorite…

I was stationed at Clark AB Philippines…we had a bunch of rocks (F4), F5’s and T33’s…that and pretty girls (smile) who swore you were their OAO (one and only).

When I was at Ellsworth we had the BUFF’s and KC’s…as well as the 4th ACCS…although we did have a few EF & FB111’s stop by from time to time…those
were pretty cool.

Jeffery thanks!