Downspouts above garage

These downspouts are discharging water on the deck above the garage. Other houses in the neighbourhood has the same arrangement. Does anyone know if there is some type of a drainage system for the water to properly drain?

I could see some gravel and something that looked similar to that blue rigid foam insulation through the gap between the planks.

Muhammad you know we have no idea from those shots right?
What was below the deck…no pictures?

Sometimes in a setup like that the in this case "garage " roof is the base of the roof deck which is in essence a bunch of crates or skits on 2x4’s
so the gutter is on the outer edge of the roof and that downspout is transferring water on to it through the slats but I am totally guessing without seeing more.

Hi Bob, does that help?


To be 100% honest ,no.
I would want to know if that is the car door trim below and if there is a downspout visible if the shot was broader or if there was an internal drain below in the garage.
I doubt the water is allowed to cascade in front of that trim.

Is that only a single car garage ?

Yes, that is the car door trim.

I looked for any type of internal drain in the garage but could not find it.

Yes, that is a single car garage.

Lets try that picture again, you can see the two DS to the left.

Thanks for trying to help.


There is an internal drain you never observed.
Not there but guessing they had a dry walled ceiling and it ran out of your site.

No reason to sweat it but the answer as to where the drain route exists was missed and next time you should see the property more holistically.The clues were there but you missed them.They may have been out of site and branched 100% internally.

Here are a couple shots of a crazy drain system off a garage deck.

![Gutter from property at east side garage intersecting with exterior garage siding of subject 10.jpg|690x500

Thought I had a couple interesting shots showing an internal drain system in the wall and this one actually had a leak which I traced to a bedroom baseboard below the roof.