Hidden Downspout Termination

Can’t really call this a “defect”, but I couldn’t find where this downspout terminated.

I must say I have never seen this before…thoughts anyone?

143 1st Ave-Kennedy 006.JPG

Cannot verify the continuity of the downspout and possible seams not leaking. Advise against any system to shed water away from the house to re enter the house structure as an avenue of carrying water away from the house. I disclaim all parts of this downspout system and recommend immediate removal to the exterior of the house.
It is pretty cool looking though. But Stupid. Where does it exit or end inside into a sump pit?

Is it definitely a downspout? Did you get on the roof?

Never found where it exited, Christopher. I must agree with you. Really nice house, and nice layout. That part there is a cool idea, but stupid to me.

Really nice deck, too, but built wrong (hangars attached to brick with concrete screws-no ledger)

I need to get Sean Fogarty up here to rip the siding off so I can see where the darn pipe ends…:|.)

Was there a radon mitigation system? Maybe it just passes through the gutter?

Defect of the year 2014 award so far. I would be tempted to hire a plumber to scope the downspout for fun. Plumber may even do it for a case of beer cause he’s never seen something so stupid. Cant leave us hanging on this one.

I was on the roof (though it was raining) and it is definitely a downspout.

No pics of that portion from atop the roof, though

great idea. I have plumber friend who has a scope. Problem is, this was about 30 miles away, but it would be worth going back just to know…

nope, no mitigation system.

Do they have a water catch system underground ?
I have seen this(similar) in a couple high end homes and one had an underground catch system to use in irrigation and the other just simply took
an old idea, used in commercial buildings today around here, and applied to his home as he hated the look of gutters on a two story home.
I Don’t see a defect but something that needs a little more investigation. Likely it has an explanation that is reasonable

George, I didn’t find any catch system underground. The house is “higher end” for that area, but is about 3000 sq ft and 235 grand. The crawlspace is 6 feet tall, and well lit, so it was easy to walk around down there.

My guess is since this is an area between two dormers, they needed a gutter, but would have to run the downspout on the outside which would look ugly (not that this is pretty).The other downspouts are subterranean, so my guess is it is inside the wall and connects underground somewhere.

House has been vacant for about a year, not sure where owners are. I’d love to ask.

Is the “downspout” going into the house or is that an attached garage?

It’s on top of the detached garage. Here’s a pic of the front

143 1st Ave-Kennedy 001.JPG

143 1st Ave-Kennedy 001.JPG

That house is $235,000? Wow, the mighty dollar doesn’t buy much in you neck of the woods. That house is maybe $150,000 in Indy. Then again thanks to the Feds the dollar is almost worthless now anyway!

it’s not a good example of the housing around here. It is in a coal mining town where there is little or no land available. If someone has something there with even 1/3 acre of flat land, it is prime. And it’s in town. Most of the area there is very remote, with house trailers or 125 yr old POS’s sitting on cinder blocks.

In my particular suburban area, that house should be in the 150’s-170’s.

Perhaps its attached to the stack to wet vent a toilet lol

Could you see inside or was it drywalled up?

Nope, it’s all drywalled. I just put in the report the client should contact the seller or the builder to determine where it is terminating. Since all the downspouts terminate underground, my guess is that it connects to them somewhere.

But it’s a guess.

would love to hear the follow up on that. Makes me wonder if it was an after thought and added after and hopefully not connected to another line

I’m thinking it had to be done during the 2004 construction, Doug. It is behind the siding, and since it’s a 3" PVC pipe, it must be inside the wall cavity.

That would be quite an undertaking in an afterthought…