Downspouts emptying on lower roof.

But the problem is no one notices worn shingles until its too late. Just had one like this where the sheathing was gone and a million ants were in the eave and wall. Ceiling and wall ruined, hardwood floor ruined.

All b/c of a piss poor gutter install done as NEW CONST in 1999.:twisted:

Check out page 22 of this HUD Guide…I call it a deficiency in my reports…
Page 22

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should be
checked for size. Seven square
inches is generally the mini

mum except for small roofs or
canopies. Check downspout
attachments; there should be
attachments or straps at the
top, at the bottom, and at each
intermediate joint. Check
straps for rust, deformation,
and failed or loose fasteners.
Check the capacity of the
drainage system. At least one
downspout is usually needed
for each
40 feet (12 m) of gut

ter. For roofs with gutters,
make sure that downspouts are
clear and that they discharge
so water will drain away from
the foundation. See Section 1.1.
For low-slope roofs without
gutters, interior downspouts
cannot be examined from the
roof, but check that basket
strainers are in place. During
the interior inspection, examine
areas through which interior
downspouts pass for signs of
water damage.
**On buildings with multiple
roofs, one roof sometimes
drains to another roof. Where
that happens, water should not
be discharged directly onto
roofing material. Check to be
sure that water is always
directed to a gutter and that
higher gutters discharge to
lower gutters through down

Occasionally, wooden gut

ters and downspouts are used,
usually in older or historic res

idences. They may be built
into roof eaves and concealed
by roof fascias. Wooden gut

ters are especially susceptible
to rot and deterioration and
should be carefully checked.
Pitched roofs in older build

ings may end at a parapet wall
with a built-in gutter integrated
with the roof flashing. Here,
drainage is accomplished by a
scupper (a metal-lined opening
through the parapet wall that
discharges into a leader head
box that in turn discharges to
a downspout). Check the leader
head box to be sure it has a
strainer. Check the scupper for
deterioration and open seams
and check all metal roof flash

ings, scuppers, leader head
boxes, and downspouts to
make certain they are made of
similar metals.

This an older thread, and comments start with this being acceptable, and then shift to this being unacceptable but with no clear cut information prohibiting the practice.
Installation instruction for all products come from the manufacturers. The code requires installers to follow those instructions.

GAF has a technical bulletin they sent out years ago telling installers why it is a bad idea to dump downspout onto lower shingle roofs. Google GAF Technical Advisory Bulletin No: TABR20 1 1150.

It clears explains why damage to shingles associated with gutter downspout discharge is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

I call it out everywhere I see it, and i see it everywhere in my area. On new homes and new gutter installs, I send out that GAF bulletin (even when not GAF shingles), and, almost always, the gutter guy comes back to extend the downspout to a lower gutter or to ground.

I have checked with other shingle manufacturers to see if they have anything in writing, and while they all agree with GAF, most dont have anything in writing… Except, they all seem to agree that their warranty does not cover damage to the shingles associated with downspout discharge.

The gutter guy is not the shingle guy oftentimes, and the gutter guy is causing damage to the shingles, albeit slow, long term damage they may not be noticeable for 10 years or more. The gutter guy needs to be aware of the damage he is causing. Ask him for a 20 year warranty on the shingles where he discharged his gutter… he likely will realize it is cheaper to install a short downspout extension to a lower gutter.

Fyi … looks better to use black downspout material on the roof surface, than white.
Secure the extension at the ends, not into the shingles for obvious reasons. If extension is over 10ft , think about other options… i. e., move downspout to different location.

Have fun out there!

Good reason why you should not discharge onto roof .

roof dischsrge.jpg

roof dischsrge.jpg

I don’t see a downspout Roy. You going to write up a gutter issue or deteriorated shingles?

PS. Gutters are not required.

Yep not required but if you do not have them the shingles do not last .
Still looking for how the roof is destroyed with out down spouts big time .

Like it or not!
Roy C’s image made a good point…With or without gutters…
No! Roof should dump on another…Nope!

Roy L!

You boys have fun with that. Gonna get you banned by all the agents in your town. :|.)

I am the inspector and would report this every time .

The agent is normally not a shingle inspector .
A simple Gutter and down spout insulation would save the shingle life .
Too ignore this could come back to make the inspector look bad .

I Put it on reports all the time with a a example picture , never had no one complain , as far as being banned by a realtor who cares I didn’t realize we where here to keep them happy it is about doing your job . Lots of Inspectors tickling realtors now days, Free lunches dropping off (special stuff), running around kissing butt is not my purposes .I do go to realtor offices from time to time to advise realtors in what we do . And yes i get well my inspector never mention this or that and is cheaper and only takes a hour . I just say well if your happy that is all that counts ,I prefer making my clients happy.

This post is so old that it even has Russell in it.

So are thinking we should not use an old string .
Some times there is great INFORMATION that new inspectors can use to increase their knowledge .

Curious, how in the world do you know this? Do you check up on all your inspection issues you find?

Even though I always put it in the report, I like this explanation better.

There is a lot of wisdom in old threads.

I agree a lot to learn for any newbies who put in the time to read the archives.
As a wise man once said “you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it”. :wink: :lol:

Yes there is.