Wrote this up yesterday that the downspout is not extended far enough and missing the elbow. Water was running behind the splashblock. Realtor compained that I was being to picky. Would you guys write this on the report.


Gee here all this time I thought I was paid to be picky .
Did a home last year just like this only there was a bush hidding the down spout and a slope that made it hard to get to the corner .
Guess it had been that way for a couple of years about $20,000;00 to fix it up . CS behind and the damage did not show inside the CS very much

You bet I would I write it up, good call by you.
Write hard talk soft and miss nothing.
CRA all the time Cover Roy’s A$$.

… Cookie

Tell the realtor you will remove that item from your report if she will write you a letter accepting full responsibility for two years should any problems develop relating to that issue. Can you guess what her answer will be??

The Realtor may have not known any better. Not knowing the implication of some pretty benign looking issues reveals just how much they know. The important thing is that the client understands the impact.:slight_smile:

I’ll write that up everytime, and include a reason in the report.


So? I think he makes too much money on the sale of the house. Everyone has an opinion.

I agree with Jeffery. Saw a show the other day on flipping. The lady that flipped the house made about 15K profit after paying off the mortgage, renovations and handing the Realtor $22K in commission. Somehow that just isn’t right. That sow didn’t drive one nail or paint one wall and she ended up with more than the flipper.

BTW, I write these up all the time with an explanation as to how this can result in serious foundation and moisture problems down the line. I never hear anything more about. Doesn’t mean they don’t say it, just not to me.

someone has got to keep the termites wet.:smiley:

Yup…I do

Yes,Yes,Yes. The heck with the realtor. It’s your butt.

…all the time. No one seems to care including the client, agent and seller.

that realtor hasn’t even begun to see picky!

Always write up downspouts that drain directly on the foundation… it appears in the picture that you can see moisture on this wall right under the downspout… You did your job well !!!

Everytime, unfortunately that’s about every house I inspect.

Realtor didn’t understand why I wrote this up. :roll:


Picture this scenario:

You decide not to, or are talked into, leaving this defect out of your report. A couple months later, and after substantial rain, your client calls you complaining about water in the basement.

When you visit the property it becomes obvious the water is coming in near the area where the extension is missing, making it the most likely cause of water in the basement.

You get the point.

If you report it, then they get to decide as to its importance. Don’t report it and sooner or later it will come back to bite you. I apply this principle to all such items. First time you do not report something because a realtor does not want you to or ask you not to, stand by when the brown stuff hits the fan. Have seen it too many times. It is often the little things you may think are not important that can later become very important.

If I get crap like that from the Realtor within earshot of the client I say “And I am sure Butthead (relator name) here will be more than happy to spring for the THREE DOLLARS that the extension piece costs.” :smiley:

Indeed this would be written up. Too picky! I think not. I am sure once you explained to the buyer about the reasons they loved you for it.