Roof is Fine

No problems at all. :smiley:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

That’s gonna be an expensive repair—Deal Killing Bastard-----:lol:

Mine was easy today, just the usual leaks at all the toilet tank bowl connections and at every water faucet handle in the house…Think not conditioning these repo’s is causing many of the issues?..I do—:twisted:

Dale, any new stuff down there or is it all repos?

Who is buying the repos and what happened to the original owners?
Are they buying repos to?

It is not Brian’s fault for killing deals.

He just happens to be in a bad building neighborhood. :mrgreen:

The only new building going on is custom homes, if you want to call them custom–:D----they leak just as well as the track-homes—:smiley:

The folks had bad mortgages, balloon, adjustable, etc…after a few years they realize they cannot afford the shack…back to the bank…there are 10’s of thousands here bank owned now…you can’t drive a 1/2 mile in any direction in a subdivision without seeing a for sale sign (Bank Owned) below the agents name.

Everyone is buying them, normal folks, investors, etc…they are selling for generally half of what the person had in it when they folded.

I know, but I like to blame him…the realtors hate him—:smiley:

He is always in Bad Neighborhoods----:stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone hates me Dale. :twisted:

What is a resale anyway? Is that a short pay? :slight_smile:

Short pays are about as close to a resale I’ve been getting. Probably less than a dozen resales for the year. Mostly Bank owned and some short pays.

I would say that compared to the mid 90’s after the last dump the “quality” of bank owned properties is down in general.

I saw some deferred maintanence stuff… but geesh. From the one’s I’ve been looking at now, one could say that the people appear to have never been able to afford the homes that they lost.



I don’t hate you Brian.:wink:

I dont