Drain line through duct

I just could not resist posting this one. It was one of the smaller openings in the supply lines.

I found an apartment complex last week with a return air plenum that contained an open drain to the sewer for the condensate line to drain into. The upstairs apartments had the same set up with the exception that the furnace/water heater exhaust from downstairs also ran through it.

Looks like a cold air return to me.

I can’t believe these types of fixes that homeowners attempt.

Kinda makes you want to buy stock in silicon.:smiley:

Looks like he ran out. About 3 more tubes and it would have been completely sealed. But then again he could have finished it off with duct tape.:slight_smile:

Maybe it was cold and they had trouble with the trap freezing.:mrgreen:

If that was a leaking waste stack, I would really worry.
I posted one duct that had the gas line running through it a few months back.

At today’s inspection the homeowner apparently couldn’t get the vanity drain satisfactorily installed so he coated all the joints with vaseline in an attempt to stop the leaking…:roll: :shock:

The only way anyone is going to properly stop a waste line from leaking is to do what this homeowner did…

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A blow torch and extension cord should work fine.

As Mr Einstein said:

“You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it”