Leaky basement, homeowner was told to pour new concrete

… so they did, kept leaking loloooll SAME Old bs

what was OPEN underneath and abut-to the concrete, yeah

as usual, leaky basement had nothing to do with a supposed need for new drain tiles inside or outside, no need for, ‘better drainage’ outside they already tried that n spent $ on concrete

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St Clair Shores, leaky basement front corner, block wall

Gee, it just HAS to be clogged drain tiles right? lolollllllllllllll incompetent as can be!

here’s some moronic drain tiles just below grade for those water management wieners

gee, might there be an exterior crack or cracked parging allowing the water in

clay soil

let’s pretty-up the stupid drain tiles for the inspector who is on site for about 1 minute looololllll

put a little weight on the cheap stupid weak az black perforated drain tile which is A-okay to use per code and city inspectors, more dumb crap

this is better, COSTS MORE lol but better for those ‘into’ drain tile nonsense

imo clay tiles are best, just my stinky 2 cents

water management wieners ? …interesting word picture…

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I’m picturing hot dogs in hard hats with clip boards…

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JIm lol, how are ya in Buckeye nation?

Good work, Mark!..as usual. :grin:

all good here Partner…just living the dream !

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