Drain Tile Failure

I’ve run into this condition a few times this year and looking for a good narrative.

Drain tile has failed, there is evidence of pea gravel and soil discharge from drain pipe that has built up in the sump pit. Recommend contacting licensed contractor specializing in drain tile repair to evaluate and correct. Remove debris from sump to help prevent damage and or failure of sump pump from ingesting the pea gravel. Delayed repair may lead to water seepage and costly structural damage.

Lot of views but no comments. Anyone willing to share their experience.

More info would be nice how long has this sump been in how often does it run .
I would be careful boxing my self in .
Making a decision like this could get you in Trouble
((Drain tile has failed, ) might be premature .

Roy, I agree but I wanted to see how others were writing this up. My actual narrative I used in my report is below. I still think it needs work.

The sump pump pit has build-up of sediment and pea gravel. This is an indication the drain tile is damaged. Clean pit to help prevent damage to the sump pump. Recommend contacting a licensed plumber to evaluate and repair as required.

I’ve never seen that issue. Thanks for sharing. Your narrative is fine I think.

SUSPECT: Blocked, brocken, crushed, sub drainage system.
The sump basin is empty.
The basin is full of clay particulate.
It is fresh. Still wet.

Sump basins have a constant level of low water range.
This keeps the impeller assembly wet and lubricated and sump pump system primed to exhaust the high levels of french drainage water that enters the basin.
There is a high level trip switch that actuates the pump to evacuate the water to the exterior plumbing.
The water level then returns to the low water level in the sump basin.
RECOMMEND** a licensed drainage company to do a bore scope evaluation on the sump drainage system.
1.) Possible break in the coupling, crushed, blocked drainage line…

Ask the home owner for full disclosure.
Maintenance records and receipts.

Have they have had exterior work done.
Ask the client if an excavator or hand digging was done.
Foundation crack repairs etc.

Here is a photo of a blocked sub drainage system done in the winter. December.
I will be repairing it this spring.

I asked them to look in the sub drainage container 2 times… Sump pit.
It is empty.
My bore scope found the culprit.

Email me if you need help with sub drainage.
I do not know everything.
My narrative is small but explanatory.
I have repair sub drainage and foundation cracks for 15 plus years.

Water in the basin.
It is still wet.

1.) check the low high switch on sump pumps manually.

That is a submersible unit. Above average unit.
That style unit you set the low and high water setting.
The low setting may be to low.
Should be several inches of water in the basin.

Ask the home owner was there exterior maintenance. Foundation crack repair or new walk or driveway.

I see clay in the basin.
SUSPECT: Low setting on the sump pump, and or sub drainage blockage.
DESCRIPTION: Empty sump basin.High amount of clay particular in the water , on the basin in the form of thick residue buildup, pea arrogate at the basins bottom. .

Recommend: A licensed drainage company ( not a plumber ) evaluate the drainage system and pump.

Limitation: Not water in the pump to trip the sump pump.

Cost $500 to $600 dollars in my area.
Take a photo of the manufactures serial number.
Google the company on site.

I was tired. Sorry.
There should be no gravel in the basin.
The french drain is wrapped in gravel.
Penetration, seperation of an elbow, caused by movement of mechanical forces.
Bore scope video screen shot in December.
Garage sump basin. 3 entrances no pump out.Gravity.
SUSPECT: Mechanical damage from walkway work the year before.
Measured distance and angle to the blockge.
Note the gravel in the entrance line.
Full of clay. I removed a bucket full.

Robert, thanks for sharing.

Thank you.
Sorry my narrative needs polish.

Has anyone seen hydrostatic pressures on a basement wall cause “catastrophic failure” in normal conditions like rain and spring snow melt?