goo in the drain tile

Anyone have any suggestions on what can be done to remedy the gunk which is apparently growing in the perimeter drain tile? The water is flowing but I would think over time this may cause some issues? I’ve never seen one this bad before. 1965 Cape Cod. My hope is this is only growing in the sump pit area and not the entire drain tile?

Nothing can stop it

Any large trees around?
Suggest having a plumber or qualified professional due a video inspection to determine the integrity of the concealed drainage.

All I know is that it is iron algae. Would agree with David that I have to call it out and have someone assess the situation. Thought someone might have some first hand experience with this stuff, especially with how to get rid of it or clean it from the system? Pressurized water? Chemical treatment?

My fear is that if it’s in the entire drain tile then it is blocking the perforations which allow water to enter the system. Just trying to get some information for the client on what to expect!

Make it simple, Note what you inspected and make a good recommendation to your client.

I feel we are there to report the condition, not how to fix it or how much it costs. (is it merely a clog or is there concealed damage to below ground pipes) Some will desagree we are supposed to tell how and how much.

Areas that have a lot organic iron laden water do that.

Minnesota Dept. of Health…