draw inspection form question...

hey guys,
i am uploading a picture of the draw inspection report form that i am going to use for this company.
my question is, what do the second and third columns figures mean ?
the columns in question are Total and % ??
are they samples of previous data ?

i thought when they asked for percentage of work done, that would be just it…, a percentage on each item.
but now this has me wondering.

thanks for your help
kevin rea

Each completed item represents a portion of the total completion of the build.

When Stage 1 is 100% complete, this represents 23% completion of the entire project. Stages are broken down into line items so that portions of other stages can be calculated, even if a particular stage has not been completed.

Does that make sense?

hi Jeff.,

it kind of makes sense.

so, under each line item, do i put the percentage of completion up to 100%, or only up to the number quoted in the Total or % column ?

like on line one, for site preparation, the first column is 4 and then the second column under % is also 4., does that mean that site preparation is 100 % complete ?

let’s take another line…
under floor framing/slab/basement: the first column is 23 and the second column is 5, does that mean that it is 21% complete ?


If Site Prep is 100% complete, that is the percentage you enter into column 1 (100%). This makes the total job completion 4%.

Now lets say (for example) these items are also 100% complete;

Rough-in HVAC
Counter tops

Obviously, other items would need to be completed in order to have these, but this is just an example.

100% of Site Prep = 4%
100% of Windows = 4%
100% of Rough-in HVAC = 1%
100% of Drywall/plaster = 3%
100% of Counter tops = 1%

Making the total job completion 13%

Now let’s add bits and peices;

50% of OS Wall Framing = 3-1/2%
50% of IS Wall Framing = 3%

Typically, round numbers are fine, so you would add another 7% bringing the total job completion to 20%

It’s really simple once it clicks.


so, in the column number 1 , that is now blank,
would i be entering the actual percentage completion for that item such as IS Doors, 70 % , for 70% done ?


That’s correct.

They’re looking for the percentage complete at each particular line item, so they can pay on that item.

For instance, if the drywall budget is $35,000, and it is 70% complete (based on your input), they will pay $24,500.

thanks for your help Jeff.