Draw Inspection (Plumbing top out definition)

Doing my first draw Inspection, I know that Plumbing Top out is for the framing stage, but I am looking for a definitive level of work completed to be considered “complete” as in all supply lines stubbed in, hose bibs hooked up, main supply hooked up etc.?

I suggest using a percentage. Plumbing roughed in = 60%

That would be waste, venting and supply lines run to include caps or shutoffs and shower valve. Pressure test or not.

The rest would be fixtures and trims.

Most I’ve paid is 75% on rough in, usually I allow 50- 60%. By the time the contractor gets paid he’s probably done more work.

Had to look up the term “top out”. Around here, it is called the 2nd rough-in. Basically, it includes all supply and DWV lines that will be covered up. Water lines pressurized…stub outs ok for fixture valves on trim out. Shower pans with standing water test and tubs installed.

Thanks, I guessed it meant plumbing in and pressure tested.

Still, I do a lot of draw inspections and pay on estimated completion. I’ll sometimes talk to the GC who is asking for a progress payment on many things and agreeing on a percentage seems to work well most of the time.

Any rough-in inspection is required to make sure you don’t have a problem before the component is covered with drywall or concrete. The supply lines have to be pressure tested and the drain lines have to be head tested (usually on the 1st rough-in). I was reciting was is required for an AHJ inspection…I assume a phase inspection should follow the same criteria. Bank and 203k draws may be a different.

The OP mentioned draw inspection, not phase inspection.

Terminology of plumbing rough-in and top out may vary from location to location. What is important is what it means to the lender that you are working for. On larger projects you may want to look at the description in the loan / draw agreement and schedule. For smaller projects go by the lender’s definition.

Rough in is completed when tubs/shower pans are set. Rough mechanicals have to be completed for the rough in inspection prior to insulation/drywall.

Linas that is also my thought. I will have to check with the lender as to get there definition of top out, internet lists rough in as pre pour of concrete or covered up, top out is listed as framing stage but does not elaborate on degree of finish.

Thanks for all the replies.