Construction draw inspection sheet

Does anyone have a spread sheet on construction inspections with a percentage of completion assigned to each item that you might would be willing to share?


What are you inspecting that you need a percentage of completion?
Is this a new build, residential, or commercial?
If this is a new build, the draw amounts and percentage of completion would be on the itemized sheet supplied by the contractor. Then all you do is verify the percentage complete for the lender.
Unless you are doing a 203k inspection, where things work different.

I agree with Marcel. :smile:

This is a new residential construction for a lender.

Thanks, but I have found a spreadsheet that works perfectly!

Marc, maybe you could share it here to help others?..please? :smile:

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Construction inspections.xls (88 KB)

This spreadsheet needs some formatting to make it work correctly, but it works well for new construction inspections.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks, Marc!


I do not have that.

Thank you.