Drilling holes in block walls, new drain tile...

Read that? Drilling holes in block basement walls, which they did here AND, installing new dumb azz drain tile plus, there are 3 sumps and of course the absolute moronic interior basement system that was installed… listen dammmmit, god,
did drilling holes in the blocks relieve, remove, reduce any exterior pressure?

did installing new drain tile relive, remove, reduce any exterior pressure?

how about 3 sump pumps, did they remove, reduce any friggin pressure that CAUSED the cracks in walls, the wall to bow in??? Duh, NO.
2 videos of same house, same basement…

Here, he goes outside :40…

Why can’t so many GRASP the facts, the reality of this dang subject man!!!

All I ever hear from all these interior bubblehead system dopers is…shtt like,
drilling holes in the blocks RELIEVES pressure, give me a frikkkin break you idiots.

I always hear that the exterior drain tiles must be WHY these basements leak and they erroneously claim exterior waterproofing costs 1million dollars and that they can do the SAME shtt by installing new drain tiles on the inside of these basements… NO THEY CAN"T azz hol!!!

Get yer melon’s examined for THIS subject, god you are sooooooooooooooooo lost!

They all give homeowners bunch of different shttt like, Oh there’s water around the house, water around the house, water around the house… there’s water under the floor, water under the floor, water under the floor…the exterior drain tiles are clogged, don’t work, exterior waterproofing doesn’t work, is too expensive and we can do the same things by installing an interior basement system and new drain tile and sump pumps… BULL-------SHTTT, you suck, are liars, are incompetent and should be ashamed of your lying ignorant azz.

Why the holy hlll do you think this wall, like many others… cracked, leaked and bowed in? Huh? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat??? loool
Oh, because of some SUPPOSED blllshtt story such as hydrostatic pressure… clogged exterior drain tiles??? Idiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! You put in NEW dang drain tiles, there are 3 sump pumps and your PATHETIC interior water DIVERSION crap…loooollll, Need to be SUED on your absolute ignorance and incompetence.

If your dumb azz’z LEAVE the exterior cracks OPEN (which they do), and leave the soil pressure and possible underground roots etc against these walls then this is wtf happens!

You allow FURTHER water to penetrate these blocks and mortar joints, weakening the damn wall! You don’t relieve any exterior weight/pressure off the damn wall and you friggin remove part of the basement floor that was helping hold the weakening—wall in place (in order to install your dumb azz system) … and you wonder wtf happened??? Azz holes, period, get your azz’z SUED man, god you stink!