Drip edge/diverter?

My client complained to the builder about rain hitting the home on the north facing wall. The builder installed this make shift diverted/drip edge. Home is in Western Pennsylvania and I think this will cause ice damming? Any thoughts and has anyone seen this type of repair?

Patrick, make sure you do an eleven months warranty inspection.

Client has been in the home for over a year. Several other homes in the plan have the same roof… none have the diverter. I’ve never seen this “fix” on any other home.

I would think to have been properly built it should have an over hang or a gutter and downspout installed, that may look ugly but I would think proper. It’s just another eave on a house, that’s how I would look at it.


Needs a gutter, I’m shocked the builder installed that.


I’ve never seen this type of “Fix”. It was done to shut up the home owner.


You say the client complained about rain hitting that side of the home. Was it rain running down off the roof or wind-blown rain simply hitting that side? If the prior, then a gutter is needed rather than that flashing; if the latter, then the flashing is worthless anyway.


It’s the weather side of the home. The “fix”did not change anything.

Note the roof’s slope, of course the water will run down that side of the roof. Wind driven will hit it no matter what, being that tall nothing can be done about it.


Simon, that’s why I asked which the client was complaining about…

If the is going underneath the shingles that will just allow water to eventually work its way into the house recommend removal of diverter and install proper gutter.


What could possibly go wrong with that lol , I think the client picked the wrong builder. Thats got to go and I would be looking for other poor workmanship that will cause problems latter.

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**Besides the need for a proper eaves-trough and downspout, unless the client is willing $$ to change to a type of siding with less resonance, he/she should learn to appreciate the sound of rain. :smile: **

Without end caps and a downspout, that configuration makes a source point of rain runoff. The existing solution is worse than leaving it alone.

That diverter is driving water directly into the shingles and sheathing on both sides. Damn foolish.
Replace diverter with Gutter and downspout connected to the gutter below.

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