Roofer fixed edge with caulk

We just had the roof replaced on our laundry room that extends past the original house. We’ve had a number of concerns with the final project, but this is most concerning. Where the new roof meets the exterior wall (alum siding), it seems that the drip edge was cut too short and about an inch of plywood was exposed. We asked the contractor to come out and fix it and he basically just shot a bunch of caulk in the area. You can still see part of the plywood. I’m worried that this is leaving an opening for snow and water build up to rot out the roof. Also concerned that this might not be appropriate to pass inspection if we sell next year. We live in PA. Any idea what is the best approach for the corner? We will probably just try to fix it ourselves at this point.

To begin with…

Thank you for the diagram! I had been looking into that. He did install an ice and water shield over the whole roof and installed step flashing along the edge of the wall. Do you think we can install the kickout at this point?

Do you have a pic from a little further back to see what is going on roof-slope wise?

Hi Larry - I have this one. It is from after he finished the job but before he fixed the corner. Is this what you’re looking for? We were disappointed with how he did the side wall flashing too, but not sure if there’s a reasonable repair for it.](

Whatever you paid the guy, it was too much.


You would do well to consider hiring an experienced contractor to go back in and redo the flashing properly. That is one f’ed up mess! One has to wonder what he messed up that you can’t see?

Perhaps you should inform the current contractor you will give him 10 days to make it right before you have your attorney start proceedings against him, another contractor will be hired to make ALL proper repairs, and he will be sued for reimbursement plus whatever other remedies the law allows.

Remember… anything can be repaired/fixed. All it takes is knowledge, time and money!

Good luck.

Were the old shingles removed to the roof deck, starting from a fresh surface?

One cannot see what is behind that green…dare I say counter flashing? it is not possible to know how, the step flashing was addressed, or, if it was even there.

This is an example of how to do it:


Google kickout flashing.

And, I see Jeff has commented well.



Hi Larry - I did see the roof before they installed the “counter flashing” and it did look like they installed step flashing. They did remove 4 layers of old roofing material (rubber and shingles) and were supposed to replace the rotten wood and start from scratch. He said the siding was cut crooked underneath so that was why they put the flashing on that way. I do worry about what we can’t see.

2 items:
1 Gutter Apron is not correctly measured, cut and installed.
2 Flashing not installed.

The caulk will fail in 3 to 6 months which will lead to decking rot.