Drip Leg, Furnace, and Water Heater source

I have an incoming gas line to a furnace that is missing a drip leg. There is a tee that also branches off to the water heater. Does the water heater need a drip leg as well?

Yes. But the IMO the bigger issue is the yellow flex line going into the furnace.

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I’m a little green here, can you expound upon that? Thanks a bunch!

The yellow flex gas line is not allowed to pass through the cabinet, only hard pipe. The flex line can be damaged by the sharp edges around the hole that the line passes through.

Neither CSST nor Appliance Connector is allowed to travel through an appliance cabinet, it must be hard pipe, ie. black pipe.

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rigid nipple or pipe must extend 2" outside the cabinet or approved protection is required where semi-rigid or flex gas line enters the furnace cabinet, to prevent vibration abrasion that can lead to a leak
there is code language that addresses this

I thought it was ok for CSST to enter the furnace cabinet as long as there is a protective bushing/grommet on the hole.

What is your source for that information?
When was the last time you saw such a grommet?

I agree that appliance connectors and CSST should not pass through the cabinet.

I’ve always wondered why is it acceptable to have it pass through a gas fireplace cabinet. I have never seen a fireplace with hard pipe inside the cabinet. A sleeve of Greenfield over the CSST is the most protection that I have seen.

Code Check Complete 2nd Edition
Page 100 under the CSST section.

CSST- Typical Manufacturer Recommendations:

  • Protect where passing through sheet metal