Driveway installed too HIGH, that's right, plus they used rebar into house lol

St Clair Shores, poured foundation walls, basement leaks under SIDE door UP HIGH, yeah water runs down the poured wall from waaay lol up high… and oh, is the pitch aka GRADE of the driveway slabs sloped away? hahaha Hell yeah baby, they sure are! So why on earth didn’t the new-better-pitched slabs SOLVE the leaky basement? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

see the PITCHY of the slabs? lolollllll

Screw ups, concrete contractor using rebar into house etc = stupid

City inspector ‘okayed aka passed job inspection’ of the rebar

Homeowner had already tried caulking, tarring etc along perimeter , sheesh lol

and any home inspector who dreams up this nonsense which erroneously claims, raising and sloping the grade and concrete SOLVES 90% of leaky basements = EMBARRASSING!

Marc, the driveway is not to high, they built the house foundation too low. LOL


Or they might have too much heavy furniture in the house.


Just for a warm & fuzzy WAFI feeling. … … :grimacing:

With all due respect. Think of me the way you wish. But I doubt highly you can teach me anything I do not already know

Having estimated foundation repairs, not water proofing systems, I tuned down more work due to the fact that the foundation could not be repaired. That did not stop prospective clients asking me was there a short term. cheaper or band-aid solution which would carry the home owners over for a couple of years.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhh hahahhahahhaaa you guys r some funny mofos today!!! Replies r BEAUUUUuuuutIfulllllll, what ya smokin’? weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Fresh cut Kentucky bluegrass. :crazy_face:

From my computer, assuming the building bricks are level, it Does look like the driveway slopes into the home, at least from here. I could be wrong. Point source of water (downspout) in the general area can’t help, as it creates a higher water area while raining. Can’t see the back side to see if water is flowing from the back of the home to the front.

I always found it useful to view problem water intrusion areas while it was raining.

Hope you are doing great marc!

Driveway installed too HIGH?
1: Masonry to close to grade; unless it is a brick foundation.
2: Hardscaping should be able to move independently.
3: Hardscaping require to be ‘sealed at the foundation.’
4: Basement window, if a means of egress, is not compliant.

I have never see a basement window well on a driveway side.
Seal the opening or provide a means of egress.

I would have cut the bar steel with a sawzall, sealed the hardscaping at the foundation and recommended sealing the opening. Cheaper.

Hey JP be well!
That ugly stuff was a quote from your secret WAFI buddy, not I. :cowboy_hat_face:

i see there’s too many drugs in Canada too.

yeah too high, up against unprotected bricks, joints…similar to what you see in this video…

they spent $16,000 on this G A R B A G E, continued to leak.

WHY did they continue to leak Mr home inspector?

Because raising n sloping concrete, duh grade didn’t identify the actual problems nor did that negligent crap FIX/repair the actual problems! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, idiots

new concrete lolollll AND drain tile around house perimeter!! hahahhaaaa! Weak, stupid, negligent = ripped off

here were SOME of the actual problems and needed exterior waterproofing that DIPSTICKS don’t find/identify, cannot comprehend sht

but yeah, listen to Youngblood yap about raising n sloping the grade or pouring concrete and drain tile JUST like these idiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz did, for $16,000

Brick too close to grade.
No wall flashing.
$16,000 was not expense for the size of that driveway, walkway steps and landing.
Easy correction by the way.
Plus I do not install window well egress on driveway sides.

I can’t wait to here that one.

Marcel. In this video, one of many provided by the OP on the wrong component, hardscaping, a path/walkway, abuts a foundation.
My report would read, Observation: Heavy impervious material too close to the foundation.

If you notice though , the OP posts a driveway in the structural section. Not good for new members I predict.

Unfortunately the OP does not know 'how to post as a CPI, to which I suspect was improperly achieved due to his verbiage, nor describe components independently in the alloted section.
Guys a mess.

As well, these are exterior components. Nothing to do with Structural Inspections.

So explain to the views how this helps them perform and inspection when most of what he does for a living is a limitation?

again proves he is an idiot

well duh, just because there is a positive grade away does not at all mean there is no water penetration through, above foundation wall!!! hahahaa

there’s rebar tied into the ‘structure’ Mr Robert Young, can’t you see n figure that much out?

i weep 4 Canada

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BooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooBByyyyyyyy from Canada, this home inspector, says he has been a homie for 29 years… lol, says the efflorescence and mushrooms is all because of a humidity problem lolol, ROBERT, why can’t he spell the word man? Do you have an issue with that Robert?

Hery Canada, can you help this guy plz?