Driveway was poured as a WEAK attempt at stopping water into basement under side door

driveway poured UP—against unprotected bricks and mortar joints = incompetent

Raising n sloping aka pitching the driveway is just another means of trying to divert water away from the actual problems that should have n could have been fixed, for NOT much $, before poring the stupid thing = lolol stupid!

inside basement under side door, see water UP high… r u high?

outside, saw-cut n break out lil bit of concrete in order to access n fix the actual problems!!

SEE the cat run? i mean see “THE” problems?

he also needed a new sweep under side door and caulk around the door, end of leaky basement area.

but again some home inspectors always wanna raise n slope the GRADE, mudjack slabs… total nonsense, ignorant crap which does NOT help their clients at all!

Curious … Who poured this an amateur incompetent foundation contractor, handyman or home inspector?

Observation: A: Non manufactured non egress doorway threshold. B: Doorway not sealed/weather tight. C: Masonry to close to grade. Missing, Soft, Degraded Bed, But and Head Mortar below threshold.

Recommend: Licensed masonry contractor repair missing, degraded, soft brick masonry bed, but and head mortar. Time frame: Immediately.
Refer to any recommendation.
Recommend: Defer all foundation repairs to a licensed foundation installation analyses and defect recognition specialist. Time frame: Immediately.
Refer to any recommendation.
Recommend: A licensed caulking, flashing, sealing contractor insure the doorway and masonry too close to grade is weather tight.
Refer to any recommendation.
Recommend: A licensed window/door installation and service contractor install a manufactured threshold under the doorway leading to the driveway.
Refer to any recommendation.