did you see this leaky basement after seller spent $6,000 on new driveway

Sellers spent $$$ on new driveway, were told or dreamed up themselves that the ‘PITCH’ of the old drive slabs was the reason the basement leaked looolll wowzers!! In photos, eyeball the moronic DRAIN and drain pipe underground, under the driveway and the concrete under the driveway. You think THAT CRAP is going to seal/waterproof the exterior cracks in wall? Nope, think again!
Click individual photos to ENLARGE those photos, got that?

Sellers also tarred along the edge of new driveway and the house AND lol, slapped Drylok on inside wall and so, did the PITCH of the NEW driveway and underground drain and other junk and tarring along the house and Drylok stop water from where it was REALLY entering? Nope, sorry.

An obvious major point for some home inspectors… Bubba recommends you do not tell any homeowner to play with the grade or driveway slabs or paint etc etc, maybe just keep it zipped up and let an honest expert find the actual problem(s), you don’t wanna lose that inspection fee or get sued do ya? Of course not, so LEAVE it aaaaaaalone baby!