Hardware guy , "How to waterproof your basement on driveway side"

No, sorry try again, this has NOT waterproofed anything, it hasn’t identified the actual problem(s) and this is one way BUYERS get lied-to, cheated out of thousands of dollars, that’s right!!!

This homeowner and many others TRIED tarring etc along driveway perimeter (if video doesn’t work here and ya want to SEE it, punch in duh link, it works on you tube

SAME house as in link above, St Clair Shores yep, now the concrete has been saw cut 18" wide in order to find and then actually fix, aka waterproof the existing–defects, problems, pathways where the water was allowed to enter

we just did, waterproofed this…video above, and NOW they don’t leak… how the hlll do I know that?
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause it just rained like a m_r here most of Saturday and Sat night, big azz storms, not a drop, gee I wonder why.

Hey, did they need an interior drainage system and sump pump? Hlll no!
Did they need to mudjack slabs or apply MORE tar along perimeter? lol hlll no!

Would slapping on 45 coats of Drylok paint on inside of foundation walls waterproofed the actual problems? hll no.

Your getting BS’d America, Canada n all, yeppers