Basement Waterproofing,new driveway etc

They recently bought this house,were told there were no leaks in basement,that previous problems-leaks were solved by installing new driveway.They also tarred along house-driveway and painted inside wall(Drylok) ](,)](,)](*,)

Pic 2. Saw cut in order to hand dig

3-6. 4" of concrete UNDER new driveway,all along 35’ long wall,is at least 18" wide.

7-12. Hmmm,what else do we have? #-o A DRAIN and tile,isn`t that wonderful.

Did the new driveway and it`s ‘pitch’ and tarring along house and the drain and tile under the new driveway and applying Drylok on inside wall fix/repair/solve the leaks? Nope.

Did any of this stop efflorescence,paint peeling etc on inside basement wall? Nope. Inside basement wall pics in next set.

And,how much MONEY and time was spent on the new driveway and other crap?

What needed to be done,as always,was to first correctly identify how-where the water was getting in.Find and fix the problem(s).

Pic`s 13-23. The problems were exterior vertical and horizontal cracks and some other openings just below and above ground level.

Ask again,did the new driveway,the drain and tile and other concrete and tarring along house and Drylok repair-waterproof these exterior cracks?

The cracks and other openings ARE the problems!
Exterior waterproofing is what was needed,not any of this other crap.
Pic`s 16-20. Inside basement wall.

What do you see and what don`t you see?

  1. What ya dont see is the exterior vertical crack.Just because a crack isnt visible on inside basement block wall does not at all mean there aren`t 1++ exterior cracks(defects) in wall which IS where the water was first entering into the hollow blocks and CAUSED most of the efflorescence etc.

17-18. Look along bottom block,at the top of bottom block.Do you see
a horizontal crack on the inside? No.
But there IS a horizontal crack on the outside of the wall. Water enters
into the blocks through this crack as well…underneath the new driveway and the other 4" of concrete and the drain and tile.

How much money has already been spent?
Did any of those incompetent attempts/supposed-solutions SOLVE the
problems? Nope.

Cost to waterproof 35’ x 6’ deep wall…$3,250.Includes dumb city permit fee.One day job. Versus cost of new driveway etc etc.

Would installing any inside system have fixed/repaired these exterior cracks and stopped water from entering? No siree. And would not have removed the clay and 8" of concrete/weight off the outside of the wall…lessening the lateral pressure against the basement wall.