same shtt different day

Let’s see, homeowner raised his grade 2 bricks high, and he said it ‘slowed down’ the amount of water he got in his basement. Key words, slowed down.

It didn’t STOP, waterproof… any-------------thing. Any home inspector or realtor etc who actually tells/recommends to buyers/sellers who have a leaky basement to… raise and slope the grade or extend downspout extensions 22 1/2 miles away from duh house or add a dumb azz splish—splash block, and in doing those dumb azz things will solve most leaky basements is an incompetent fool on THIS SUBJECT morons.

Block basement walls, we did the west wall 37’ long 5 1/2’ deep… $3,500
20 year frigging guarantee from someone who has been in this stinky scamming business for 37 years
Inside the basement…

Multiple exterior cracks in the block wall which is why and where the water got into the HOLLOW block wall. The basement leaked because there were exterior cracks etc, NOT because of a dumb stoooooooooPID poor grade or low spots or that the exterior drain tiles were clogged and a bunch of other incompetent nonsense!

The shtttty stooooooPID POOR BACKFILL in the street, to be hauled away. Backfill with almost all gravel

No interior basement drainage system and sump pump stops further water from entering any of these cracks or other exterior openings above grade. Hence it’s NOT… waterproofing. Don’t call it waterproofing, don’t advertise that crap as waterproofing, don’t sell your house and tell potential buyers you ‘waterproofed’ your basement, nonsense.

Interior basement drainage system installed here, jow the holy hllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll could anything like this repair/waterproof ANY exterior crack or other exterior opening in basement walls or above basement walls!!!
and duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, notice they place CRAP against part and sometimes all of the basement wall to hide, conceal water, mold, cracks widening etc

I need to GIT out and FISH more often, got MILK?

— duh ummmmmm, rump roast and tatters FER dinner, yummy.