Wet Basements, an inspectors advice

He at least understands mortar joints,blocks etc can and will deteriorate hence, inside systems don’t…will never do squat about that.

And he seemingly understands interior systems and sumps do NOT stop water from coming in through exterior cracks and cracked parging in block,brick walls etc.

One point then is, if some of US and this guy understands this shtt then WHY don’t owners and salespeople of inside systems thoroughly understand it, huh? :mrgreen: Eh, they NEVER ‘do’ exterior waterproofing so they never fix,waterproof any of this shtt.

Where Bubb’s disagrees with the HI, like many others is, this perception that somehow,magically i guess, one can solve leaky basements by playing with the grade. #-o

Say again, raise the grade up to the ROOF if ya like but what people really need to do is, FIND-LOCATE-IDENTIFY how/where the water is getting in and then…fix them correctly.

Telling all or most homeowners who have a leaky basement to first just play with the grade 'n slope and this will ‘solve’ most leaks is bulshtt.

Ok so you tell most homeowners this crap…well, some homeowners only problem(water entry) are…open mortar joints ABOVE grade!
So please do tell just how toying with the grade 'n slope or gutters is going to solve this? Has NOTHING to do with a need for tuckpointing! ](*,)

And other homeowners only have a lateral line blockage so just how will raising and sloping the grade fix that?!?! :-k

Some homeowners have a floor drain that was covered over, needs to be SNAKED so, how will playing with the grade,mudjacking slabs etc find and then snake this actual problem?!?! ](*,)
Suck on this supposed mudjacking or NEW DRIVEWAY theory of yours…
Let’s say YOU were the home inspector who told these homeowners to mudjack slabs or get new driveway and that by doing this, it will solve leaky basement (and many others).
The new driveway,new pitch of slabs WASN’t the problem,wasn’t the cure!!! Can they SUE your BUTT? They just spent $7,000 ish on new driveway!

In article he says, exterior water management is the key etc…eh ummm blocks,bricks,joints can and will STILL deteriorate and some cracks will get worse/widen REGARDLESS of your water management.

Some water (underground,under your surafce-grade) will still percolate,move–through–the–soil towards a basement wall,including underneath MUDJACKED concrete slabs,oh yes it will. On longer,heavier rains or spring thaws,it sure as hlll will. So some water will still get against–a--basement–wall, go through a crack,through mortar joints,can still weaken,deteriorate the wall,joints just sometimes at a slower pace.

Jesus, why spend $1,000 and more++ on a swale,french drain,paying someone to play wiff the grade etc when you SHOULD be first, finding the problem(s) and then putting THAT MONEY towards fixing the problem.

Dammmm, go ahead get NEW GUTTERS, get 100’ long downspout extensions, raise the grade OVER the roof!!! :mrgreen: But when THE problem is a crack in a block wall or, open mortar joints/tuckpointing or a blockage in the lateral line(a floor drain), S N A K E etc then, that shtt and money spent on it isn’t going to ‘SOLVE’ THE actual problem(s). Got milk? #-o

And from paragraph one, ‘remember this truth’…eh, not all waterproofing Co’s,owners are rip offs! And back at you…WHY hire,listen to a home inspector when ‘some’ homeowners can find an honest, EXPERIENCED waterproofing contractor that will actually FIND the problem(s) for FREE and tell them the correct fix versus ‘some’ home inspectors who erroneously think most leaky basements can be solved by toying with the grade…who WON’T find,locate the actual problem(s), homeowners still leak. Have seen this THOUSANDS of times, oh yes sir! Is the HI an expert on this subject…just asking. Sure seems,comes across as such…eh.

Us honest,little mfrs get alot of our referrals/jobs from homeowners we’ve previously shown their problem was water coming in through a basement window or open mortar joints above grade or needed lateral line snaked etc etc, didn’t charge them a cent…that’s in my best interest Mr home inspector!!! Hmm, quite a few home inspectors think they have most-all of the answers to leaky basements and don’t mind spouting their mouths about it so maybe that opens a door fer Bubbahead, maybe Bubb’s should start recommending supposed fixes for electrical, for heating and cooling etc etc, why would it matter i know little if anything about that…huh.

should have added, homeowners might find a good,honest home inspector through Nachi who may be able to help them wiff their leaky basement,eh.

Bubba, HI’s job is to find defect first and foremost. It’s illegal here to fix or steer towards. :wink:

Thanks for your posts John. I always learn something from them.

Why? Aren’t you a BA? :lol:

Who better to find the defect when you fix them on a daily basis.
Bubba is one of the best. Got Milk? :):wink:

Him is. Sure Got Milk! :slight_smile:

Maybe we can help John join INACHI with an educational membership.

ah you peeps are too nice, Bubba think he liked it better when he first started posting on Nachi MB, the disagreements got the blood flowing :mrgreen:

I disagree with you John.
I think it wasn’t a better time.
Many off the post were convoluted and meanless and off topic.

Hope that makes you feel better:-)