Dry Otter, nothing like hiding those damp, wet foundation walls

…with an interior basement drainage system ](,)](,)](*,)

Otters like duh water, wet otter, not dwwwwy.

The Death Penalty and Balance the Budget/Geooooooorge!!!

…The Sunday morning evangelical send us an offering praise Jesus human bonfire.
Shtt you’d have people skipping church to watch this stuff.

High Tech, ya take a small tactical nuclear weapon and stick it up a guys a__
A thermo-nuclear suppository. Preparation H-bomb!

I gave the crook some positive pointers

those are honest excellent pointers :wink:

These are the ONLY otters the Milkman trusts…

Interior basement drainage system co’s are a lot like terds…
some terds are different colors, some terds have different scents,
some terds are bigger than others but ummmmm… they all stink and umm, they are all terds! Got terds?

Here’s some more incompetent nonsense, ‘Repairing a problem foundation’

Yoooo, ZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeMAN, what have you been smoking, huh?

ZEEEE-dude FALSELY claims, ‘a vertical crack means you’ve probably lost one corner of yer house’.
Dude, put the weed away, stop spraying it with extra chemicals.

Then Zeeeee falsely claims…on horizontal cracks and bowed basement walls that…
in the past, the ONLY only ONLY only ONLY way to fix these bulging walls was to come inside and put beams in.

Then says, falsely claims there’s a new product you can use, called the reinforce, aka carbon fiber strips, straps… and this will keep the wall from bowing any further. Lots of smelly crap here.

It ain’t slander when what the fk one’s pointing out are FALSE claims.