Dryer receptacle

Just curious if you would write up, an upside down dryer receptacle? I understand that the code says you can install it this way, but seems like un-needed stress on the dryer cord, and not sure why they would even install it that way, so even though the dryer works, the cable is fine at time of inspection, and the code says it is okay, would you comment on it and recommend that the receptacle be installed the other way?

So you’re referring to something like this:



If it is flush mount No. Surface yes.

In my (very humble) opinion, this is a small design deficiency not worth mentioning on the report.
Yes, it would drive me crazy if it were my own house, but in an inspection, if you have to start picking on things like these, it would be too much, if you ask me…

Crimped or over bent wires are not acceptable in a panel and by not calling it out I would be like the other guys that did not get the job.

Robert ,Is the other end wired to the dryer? In the pic, it looks like it’s hard-wired to another receptacle box, laying on the floor.

Interesting can you show me some facts on this . I see no big concern with this plug and cord.

Good eye, I think that you’re correct. I believe that this is being used as an extension cord with a surface mount type box on the end. This photo is from an old thread and not one of mine.

Yep I missed that and I also missed the expandable plastic vent pipe not allowed in Ontario

ROY take a good look and tell me that plug does not wish to pull out with tension at the top if the cord is behind it rather than the side vs the way it was meant to plug in.

Again please read my statement carefully and let me ask you if you call out crimped conductors in panels and why ?

Upside down receptacles are never acceptable .

I am not a code inspector and if homes only followed code and not quality what kind of homes would they be.
Use common sense and do whats best for your client Roy.

Here is part of your answer.

Note: Its called Fine Home Building …Not code home building.


I guess we have to agree to disagree Thanks… Roy
No idea where the panel question came from see bent wires all the time no big concern, Plastic vent is a no no,

The tension from being upside down will cause the plug jacket to fray Roy.
Just common sense which can not be taught.


When one gives incorrect information on the internet or does not understand an issue one usually resorts to bold print but I will ignore it this time and simple give yet another example…from Mike Holts forum.

Just about all equipment manufacturers install right angle attachment plugs with the intent that the ground on the outlet will be
down. This results in undue stress on the cord and causes premature failure when these type of plugs are installed “upside down”. A lot of right replacement plugs, especially Hubbell brand, allow you to install them either way. During my routine cord inspections and PM’s I usually replace a lot of factory right angle plugs for this reason.

If you mount the ground pin up and you plug in a right angle plug such as you find on a refrigerator or microwave you will have the cord stressed in an upward direction and being pulled downward by gravity.