Upside Down 240 Plug

Is it normal to see a dryer outlet upside down like this? I would assume this puts undue stress on the cable.![IMG_0174|375x500]

Cannot see your image. The NEC is silent on ground pin orientation.

Can you see it now?

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No problem…

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Yep, no problem. :joy:

What makes you think it’s upside down? Perhaps you’ve only ever seen it upside down in the past. Chicken and the egg kinda thing.

That is one of the cons of having the ground up in lieu of ground down on the receptacles.
Same goes for small appliance cords too.

Here in the US angled 4-wire dryer cords are one of the few types that actually have the ground pin on top.

I just installed my dryer receptacle upside down and it looks a lot neater that way.

On a 3 wire, it looks like the ground pin is up and on the 4 wire, it is down if you want it to look right.

This is typically what we see, ground pin on top.

But on older homes, I see this most often.

I believe you have to have the 4 wire ones for a range.

This is not the defect you are looking for… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If someone installs a stacked unit or a unitized unit, they’ll appreciate the orientation of that receptacle, as the connection point is much higher on those appliances.

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Yes, I was referring to a 4-wire pig tail. But you are correct on those old 3-wire ones.