Graphic for direct vent termination clearances?

I can’t seem to dig a good one up right now, looking specifically for clearances from the vent termination to windows, intakes etc.

Will any of these work?

Yeah, I did the same google search and wasn’t too thrilled with what I found.
And the INachi graphics library didn’t seem to have a good one either.

This is about the best I can find.
Anybody have any issues with this as far as current standards?

I couldn’t recall the rule about distance to an opening window for a high efficiency furnace vent termination.

According to this graphic if it’s above 100,000 BTU then the distance must be 3’ or greater.
If less than 100,000 BTU then 1’ or greater.


What I do is go to the manufacturer’s web site and find the installation manual, using the prtscn button on my PC, I copy the part I want and paste it into my favorite photo editor, and crop what I need. That way you have it from the horse’s mouth. The last graphic showing clearances seems to be the same one all manufacturer’s use, so if you only do it once, that is the one to use. Both are from a Lennox installation manual btw.