Drywall Corner backs

Can anyone shed some light on this product from Prest-On? What are the pro’s and con’s of using such a system that supposedly eliminates the need for corner studs? Any real world experience with such a product?


looks like a lot of trouble and expense.
How much are those fasteners?

About $0.14 each

Lot cheaper than lodge pole or #2 SYP studs at every corner.

I hated using it for patch work. I found it much easier to use a 1x2.

Interesting Mike…but I have never seen them…look like a time saver if nobody ever leaned against a wall corner (or any other location a stud was missing) and popped the rock loose—:smiley:

I would think so too. Ive done a lot of patches doing just that and after the first four or so you get real good and fast at it.

The reason I’m asking is that a local builder is beginning to use the clips a lot on new homes. I am not familiar with them so I was just wondering if they worked well. They do seem to have code approval so that’s a start I suppose. I’m not too concerned with the patch kit, just the effectiveness of the corner clips.

Push inward on a corner when no one is looking Mike—:stuck_out_tongue:

Now, there’s a thought…I like it!

I’m not a huge fan of these kinds of products, but ill bet these are stronger than you think. Ill bet the Builders like them more than the drywallers, because the framers can think less…:slight_smile: It may be more work for the hangers to install. Even if it does crack, does that mean they don’t work, or this is a new product and they probably arnt installed right?

and I bet Chinese drywall makes them rust :shock::wink:



I have used them for patch work they work pretty good and yes they are stronger than you think

The corner backs work better if there is a stud near the corner. The farther away the stud is, the more flex the corner will have.

Sorry but nothing can replace the strength of “t” blocking, corner blocking and properly placed deadwood.

IMO, just another shortcut to save money, in an area(framing) where shortcuts are not a good building practice.

I can see how these clips would increase the R value of the envelope but I would prefer sticking a 2x6 or 8 in there on the flat instead.


[quote=“gbeaumont, post:12, topic:36585”]

and I bet Chinese drywall makes them rust]

I agree, this is a concern.:roll:

I agree, this is a concern.:roll:


Try this for patch work. This works great for small holes 4 inches square or less. No need for backing and the best part is that the all the material required is scrap anyway.

  • Scrap drywall 3 times larger than hole
  • Score the back as in photo
  • Remove all sections except middle piece, leave the paper on front side
  • Apply compound to the perimeter of hole
  • Apply drywall and finish

And the finishing touches.