Drywall Repair Made Easy

Try this for patch work. This works great for small holes 4 inches square or less. No need for backing and the best part is that the all the material required is scrap anyway.

  • Scrap drywall 3 times larger than hole
  • Score the back as in photo
  • Remove all sections except middle piece, leave the paper on front side
  • Apply compound to the perimeter of hole
  • Apply drywall and finish

And the finishing touches

Great tip, I have always struggled with trying to get some kind of backer installed prior to patching & spackling, next time I’ll use this method. Thanks.

You are welcome sir!

I’ve used this system before but I always mudded the underside of the patch where it fits into the hole. I figured that it would help the patch bond to the old drywall where it fit into the hole.

I tried any number of methods and most of them worked except those still prone to door knobs. Without some sort of backing, the new patch always seems to get knocked into the hole.

I like the looks of this system but will still end up screwing a small piece of wood into the back side of the hole.

Nice find Mario.


When you apply the compound on the surface to be repaired some of the compound is applied to the sides of the opening.
Just out of curiosity, where have you seen this used before? This is sometimes referred to as a Chicago patch, I have been using this procedure for over 20 years for small repairs.

BTW Guy’s, that my hand in the photo.

Nice trick Mario.
I still wonder what is so hard about replacing the whole 16 inch section though.:slight_smile: (you cheapo)

I was taught this trick many yrs. ago and have used it many times. It works great and leaves no seams.

Oh, and I live in Illinois, but not Chicago. :smiley:

Hey Mario Nice trick thanks.

Been there, done it, indeed it does work nicely…!!!

Stuff your doorknob hole with newspaper first and you will not have this problem. Provided you install a door stop.

Buy the patch kits with the metal and mesh tape for knob holes. Works great.

I got it from a dry wall guy who worked for me many years ago in Toronto, oddly enough. He was never able to break me of my drywalling system though. "Five pounds of mud on / four pounds sanded off!:smiley:

That’s how my Dad taught me how to do auto body work, only with plastic filler in place of drywall compound.

He liked to watch me sand. :mad: