Bowed in block basement walls multiple exterior cracks in the basement walls

and the installation of any interior basement drainage system and 69 sump pumps would NOT repair these exterior cracks and not stop further water from entering them which is why there is some mold and efflorescence on inside block walls… sheesh

inside basement before job, yes she needs more exterior waterproofing done and it was fully explained to her but she’s limited on cash now

Exterior back corner, 2 videos of this area

back corner now fully dug out

side wall


backfilling w/gravel

you wanna explain how installing ANY type of interior drainage system and sump pump would stop further water, mold, efflorescence? not gonna happen, ever.

most of these sized jobs cost about 3,300-3,500 , 1 day job, sure she needs more work so IF she wants the rest of the the 4 walls done she’s looking at another $8,000-9,000 IF she does it ALL at 1 time, yeah it costs a bit more when doing smaller sections over a couple years but again, not all of us have fat wallets versus, cost from most INT system companies all the way around would be as much and pretty often MORE $$ , that’s right, often they’ll bid $15,000 and have seen many bids from the INT morons over $20,000 and seen enough into the 30,000 range and a handful at $40,000 plus, they’ll try n talk peeps into carbon fiber straps and other crap, just saying. So we often hear the liars tell people that exterior waterproofing is sooooo much more money than INT systems, NONSENSE, total bs man.