Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems

We have had a problem with Dura-Pex fittings. The sweat x pex adapters are deteriorating and look as if they are rotted after less than 1 year or so. We had a restaurant recently where we had used them to install a scald guard Symmons valve, the crimp ring cracked and blew out flooding the place. When we went to replace the crimp ring the barbed end of the pex fitting snapped off in the Technicians hand like it was rotten. Also the stainless steel crimp rings (p-pex stamped on them) have been cracking and blowing out on us after 3 to 6 months after installation. We no longer use anything but the copper crimp rings.I have several of the old parts at my office.This has cost us alot in damages, free warranty work etc. Im sure it’s happening all over the place. Have you seen this problem or have heard about either? Thanks Bob Rucker

Check out www.uponorlawsuit.com for information about failures of systems with “p pex” fittings and clamps.

Bob; Can you call me I have a lot of Dura Pex issues 2146954424

Purchased a home in Nov 2009 with Dura Pex piping. Originally built in 2006.
Have had two instances of pipe bursting on hot water pipe (red clay color) with a longitudinal split of about 1-2" within 8 ft of hot water heater.
PRV okay - was replaced at time of purchase at recommendation of Home Inspection Engr. No cold water expansion tank installed as it was not code at time of build.
Copper pipe from hot water heater extends to length of 18" or slightly more…then dura pex piping throughout home.
Have heard a report from the emergency contacted plumber that patch-fixed the length of pipe that burst with Rehau brand, that dura pex has had bad batches of pipe (quality defects). Plumber advised that with one failure we could expect more later on. Anyone have this experience of knowledge of other complaints? Or, do most failures occur within 10ft of hot water heater.
Fix alternatives - maybe:
(1) Install a cold water expansion tank to relieve the pressure / temp dwell time in the pipe closest to the hot water heater?
(2) Install copper piping to a length of 4ft or more (?).
(3) Replace the dura pex hot water pipe line to all locations in the house where H/W used?
(4) Replace it with what brand Pex piping? Understand Rehau (German) is okay. Any others?
(5) Replace Hot Water heater (50 gal gas heated) with either a tankless gas heater - Noritz or Rinnau and also change out significant portion of dura pex pipe as per item (3)?

TD is SC (td46312@gmail.com)

We are having pin hole sized leaks spring from our Dura-pex. We had one on 1/30/10, another one 4/16/10 and one today 4/18/10. Our first two were very near the hot water heater the most recent is farther. They are all in the hot water lines. We have a home warranty and have nearly used the whole budget up. We are looking at having to remove the bath tub to fix the most recent one (not covered by warranty). Our plumber is telling us we need to re- route or reintstall all the plumbing with new pipes.

Our home was built in 2003 in the Lake Wylie, SC area and we purchased November 2009.

TD- have you had any luck with this? I am also curious who your plumber is… any one else out there with similar problems? Any luck with the builder, Nibco, lawsuits anything? We are looking at thousands of dollars.


Our home is five years old and we had had several problems with the Dura Pex pipes. The first leak that occured blew a hole in our living room wall. We had lots of flood damage. Called Allstate to file a claim. They only paid $1k toward the repairs. The day after Allstate paid us the check, we had another leak and they told us that if we filed another claim with them that our policy would be cancelled. We ended up paying approximatley $8k out of pocket for repairs. This week we actually had two more leaks with the H/W pipes. This time the leak has been going on for about a month and has caused mold to form both in and under the house. We have filed another claim with Allstate for this incident and are praying that they do not cancel our insurance. I have been searching for some type of class action suit or something against the manufacturer of Dura Pex Piping. We cannot afford to replace all the H/W pipes in our house. We do have a pressure release valve installed so that is not the cause of the leaks. Just trying to get the repairs done for this incident and hope that there will be no further problems - yeah wishful thinking!!!

lots of problems with Dura-Pex

We have had 5 situations of faulty CPI Dura Pex piping in our home.We purchased our home new in 1999.Feb. of this year cost the Ins.Co. 5,000.00 grand,the next 4 pipe splits have cost me 1,100.00 as the Ins.Co. now states that it is a maint.problem.Repipe of house will cost me 5,400.00.Thanks B.O’B.Florence,SC.

We have had 6 leaks in NIBCO PEX Pure-Next pipe this year. They have all been on the hot water line. Our pipe is white. five of the leaks have been pinpoint holes in 1/2 in pipe, one was a split in 3/4 in pipe. We have had extensive damage with leak number 5 and will have to replace part of our hardwood floor. This was in a storage closet that then leaked into a bedroom and walk in closet. Three leaks were in a bathroom and we paid of all those drywall repairs. Two leaks were in crawl spaces. Our plumber believes the pipe is defective and has not charged us for the repairs. We have contacted NIBCO and sent the documentation, but have not received a reply–we have been working on this since Jan 17 2010. Our insurance is going to cover leak 5–the most damage. We intend to replace all the pipe in the house which is 5 years old. We would be interested in exploring a class action suit,

We have had 6 of the same type leaks over the past few months- we are in Lake Wylie as well Our pipe is labelled 2005 and 2006. Definitely a failure that is causing a lot of $. Would like to talk with you over the phone to discuss what you have learned and possible actions. 80.3-810-92.22 - Stephan

I have to same issues with my home. Dura-pex piping. Pin hole leaks on hot water side caused several thousands in damage. I have been in contact with this company and they have acknowledged the issue. There was a batch of pipes between 2002-2006 that failed some testing but was packaged anyway. They have no idea how many homes were affected. I was told by this company they would cover my damages but when they found out the damages were upwards of 68K they stated I would most likely have to go through my homeowners…BS. I have just contacted my attorney to start a lawsuit against the company. Maybe we should look at a class action suite!! I live in Lake Norman area. If anyone would like to talk please contact me at faulty.dura.pex@gmail.com. There is strength in numbers guys. Lets stick it to these idiots!!!



new home built 2005 started having leaks 2010 have had 9 leaks most looks like pin holes in piping. pex pipe and dura pex also cpi pipe, does anybody no of a lawyer to contact about this problem looks like a nationwide problem according to posts i have read. thanks john perry 251-621-2421

We have had this same problem with the dura-pex splitting. We have had this happen twice since June 4th. Two rooms in our house flooded. Has anyone had luck with starting a lawsuit? I am thinking of contacting the Levin firm in Pensacola to see if they will take our case.

My advice is to make an effort to see the movie Moonstruck, with Cher and Vincent Gardenia.

Mr. Gardenia plays the role of a saavy plumbing contractor. Watch the scene where he explains how to re-plumb a bathroom.

Where do you believe he could have substituted the word “PEX” in his speech?


I have to same issues with my home. Dura-pex piping. Pin hole leaks on hot water side caused several thousands in damage. . They have no idea how many homes were affected. We have molds growing n lots of issues with it…Fixed 4-5 times but keep coming back… call us at 478 3639531…
thanks…let work together…

We have also had twoo pipes split. One in april 2011 and another in aug.2011 we called the nibco company. They said they couldn’t help us.

I have tried to gather all the info I can on this (split pipes not fitting corrosion (seperate topic altogether). It seems the problems are random except for several split pipe issues during the period 2002-2006.

Defective pipe is the least possibiity but they could have had a bad run of pipe, good luck proving that.

Most issues are very likley due to plumbers carrying the pipe around on top of their truck for months in the sunlight.

Also there have been some PEX crimp tools that were out of calibration causing leaks at fittings.

Some issues also could have been caused by excessive test pressure applied to the system during the construction phase required presssure test.

I have DuraPex piping in my house, installed in mid 2001 under the slab and trim out done in early 2002 with zero failures or leaks of this sort.

Add me to the list, and see thread on this same piping at http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?21075-Why-would-NIBCO-CPI-Durapex-PEX-split-(lengthwise)-and-leak

Just had my 3rd leak this year repaired. Home built in 2003, Lake Wylie, SC area, leaks all within a few feet of the water heater. Plumber said it will most likely keep happening until I replace all hot water lines in the house, which I can’t even begin to afford.

Any class action leads please contact me at reirizt@comporium.net.