Need help with Nibco dura-pex

Hey guys I inspected a home a few months ago that apparently had this brand installed. The agent who referred me gave me a “heads up” earlier today.

I was informed she had a plumbing leak behind the wall. When the plumber was contacted, he showed up, told the client he couldn’t touch it because there was a class action lawsuit on the piping. You guys heard of this? I’ve done some research and see where there is a lawsuit against nibco but I’ve talked to other inspectors that know nothing about it.

I think I’m in the clear as the agent had my back, but definitely want to know more about this. Is it just the red pex? Anybody have a narrative I can use for future use? any way to identify it? Thanks

Here’s a Pic of the pipe


Just a quick google search. I am glad you posted this. I have not heard anything about it.

Does anybody know if this class action has been resolved or what the state of everything is?

How is it identified? Is it marked with MFG and part number?