DURA PEX Piping Language

Hi everyone,

I ran across reddish colored DURA PEX supply piping for the first time yesterday. While researching it online, I see there seems to be some concerns about it. One post mentioned certain years and manufacturers, while other posts were about the pipe in general and lawsuits. Just wondering how big a deal I should make of it, and how I might word any recommendations. Just use my standard (PB) piping recommendation and substitute DURA PEX? Your input would be appreciated.

Rich Carter
Rich Carter LLC
Martinsburg, WV

I doubt if there are enough issues to get the attorneys interested and probably never will be since the failure rate is extremely low for this piping. The biggest reason the failure rate is low is due to the massive amount of this pipe out there in use.

I don’t know what you have for PB pipe in your reports but am guessing that you would be negligent to use it for durapex.

With the internet, its easy to see the .001 percent of problems with many products and that is no reason for an inspector to indicate there is a problem with any given house.
Many times we see red pex pipe but do not know if its durapex, CPI durapex or some other version/brand. Just make sure you list the distribution pipe material in your report as PEX or whatever it may have.

Just wait and see, even this thread will morph into issues about fittings instead of the the durapex piping as you specifically mentioned.

Agreed and the reason I did not comment!:mrgreen: