Dust particles (orbs) in photos..Solution? Huh?..Not Ghost!

I do many crawls, but what gets me by the balls is taking photos in a dusty environment.
I want good photos , but man alive, the dust just kicks my Ass.
The friggin’ dust orbs take over the photos. After many years of trial and mostly errors…I give up. I have tried all kinds of filters.
I know to take photos as soon as I enter.
Has anyone been able to find a solution for this pain in the a
See attachment

And! before you say it…NO! I’m not gonna call Ghostbusters…So forget…OK?:smiley:

Turn off your flash and use a good wide beam flashlight. The flash highlights the particles directly in front of the lens. Once I got rid of the flash, the issue disappeared.

Done that, I don’t get enough depth of field over a large area…
The posted image was with a large flashlight.

Use the wide beam flashlight from a wide angle, and take photo.

Big difference between a “large” flashlight and a wide beam flashlight. The flashlight should be to the side and in front of the camera. That is why I like my M7R. Both beam and wide beam changed at the flick of your fingers.