E-a-g-l-e-s Eagles!!!!

How pathetic is it that NFC teams with a .500 record are in playoff contention. Looking forward to Christmas Day and the Eagles/Cowgirls game. Especially since it will reunite T.O with Garcia… great little subplot to a game which will actually mean something.

Bah Humbug :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

New York Rules !!!


You must be referring to the Jets, right?

Best team in the NFL right now is the Chargers… I live in San Diego and I could not like a team LESS than I do the Bolts…

come on - even I like to watch LT run…

Isn’t Seattle in the Playoffs?



LT is incredible, can’t dispute that. I am hoping to see a rematch of the Chargers/Ravens in the AFC Championship assuming that is possible. The Ravens D is sick. Probably the only D who can come close to matching up to San Diego. Unfortunately for Baltimore, the Chargers D looks nearly as good. I’d take the under in that match up.

Wendy – Seattle is garbage. Too many injuries.

The Colts looked great last night. But I think my high school team could demonstrate a better pass rush than the Bengals.

Bears or Cowboys/Ravens Superbowl. You heard it here first.



Wendy-Wendy- Wendy

How could you not know how bad Seattle is this year

Ummmm…I didn’t watch any of the games?:shock:

How’d we manage to get into the playoffs?

Seattle is close, but they have not clinched a spot yet. Barring any unforseen disaster, they will make it. But them making it, along with a lot of other NFC teams, is a testament to how bad that league is.