Eagles are in!

Bucs had to lose, Bears had to lose, Dallas had to lose.

Bears had the playoffs handed to them on a silver platter.
I grew so tired of hearing the Eastern Seaboard Programing Network talk up Dallas though.

Good for Philly ,now give us back McNabb.

Unbelievable. Both of my sons are there.

**Eagles are in! **

Finally a team everyone can hate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Memo to NFL: Dallas is not in the playoffs.

Bret Farve sucks!!

I thought that he played pretty good today. He was one of the best players on the field for the Dolphins. I do hope that it was his last game.

Fly Eagles Fly!!

I thought is was Iggles in Philly?

Cards made it, first home playoff game since 1947. I wonder if we will see the second round, what with the Falcons running game.

You are correct, sir! It is Iggles. Or the Igs.

When I was in Vegas for ITA, I checked out the odds on a Birds Super Bowl victory. But it was only 15 - 1, odds I deemed too short. Oddly, it’s still 15 - 1.

All the Falcons are good for is loosing to crummy teams and messing up the records of good teams.

And the Eagles are still in!

PA SuperBowl?

Go Iggles!

What running game? :wink:

Kurt Warner is back, at least he was this week.

And Donovan McNabb, what can you say.

My 2 favorites favorites and the oldest.

The Dolphins forgot to show up for the game yesterday. It appears that Pennington wanted to return the favor to Brett and be the best player for the other team yesterday. I had a great time at the game yesterday even though they lost. I won’t be surprised to see the Ravens go all the way.