Hacked E4's to E8's

Anyone have any experience with these? What company did you purchase from? I’m aware Flir won’t warranty but at 1000 bucks it seems worth the risk.

Based on research I did in the past the trick is to find an E4 that has NOT been updated then updating it with a tweaked firmware. The problem is its harder and harder to find E4 running the old software

I’ve got one and it even more advance then the E8. They unlock future features. I bought from this guy http://www.ebay.ca/usr/wer4 and was very satisfied with the transaction.

He doesn’t have any right now but others have them. Contact him and see when he’ll get more. Basically they buy them from other countries like Sweden which still have the old version and hack them.

When I make money I’ll buy the Flir but until then, that’s all I could afford.