WTS: Flir E4 upgraded to E8 Specs w/Macro Lenses

Hello I have a Flir E4 for sale that I dont want to sell but am forced to due to unexpected bills. I have done the firmware hack to upgrade it to an E8 with the 320 x 240 Resolution and have enabled all of the extra menus for spot analysis, max, min, picture in picture, etc. Since i am a Mechanical Engineer and do a lot of PCB inspections and close up macro work I have created 2 different macro lenses for getting clear close of photos since the E4 has a fixed focal length. The lenses are 3d printed with ZnSe elements. One is a 50mm FL and another is a 100mm FL. they simply press fit into the rubber boot around the lens area. I have only used this camera for approximatly 3-4 hours total and i bought it less than 2 months ago. all original paperwork and accessories are included. I am asking $1250 firm shipped within ConUS. Please PM with your email address and I can send you pictures.

Price reduced to $1250 Firm 2 day usps priority shipping included. Text or call (775)830-3289 for pictures or more information. Thanks

Last price drop. $1250 shipped


As far as I can tell, Brand new on amazon (minus the hack (free?) and 2 self made lenses $80?) it’s $995.


Yep each lens element was approximately $30 plus shipping and tax on the camera. Also the 3d printed lens holders cost $15 each. Also there is an inherent risk of bricking the camera while performing the firmware hack while communicating to it over FTP…

How does the flir warranty hold up with this hack?

It doesn’t hold up at all. If sent in for service, you will get back an E4 with new firmware that can’t be hacked. Flir is well aware of these hacked units.

The latest and greatest firmware from Flir can still be hacked. The latest from flir is 1.22 and is still
Hackable. Unless flir makes some
Sort of physical hardware changes there will always be sombody that can figure out how to decode the firmware…

Having said that I have the original firmware backup off of my camera before I did the hack in case I ever want to revert it to original condition…

The early E4 firmware could be hacked. Then Flir “upgraded” the firmware so it couldn’t be hacked. Then they “upgraded” again, and the newer versions can also be hacked although much more difficult.

Unless you are doing intricate readings in the performance of your inspections, the recommended annual calibration is a joke. $1250 isn’t a bad price. Most on Ebay that are already hacked along with the upgraded menu as well are going or $1500.

The warranty is shot but a 320x240 camera for $1500 is worth the chance at this point. Heck, if you need service, just save the hack info, reload the original firmware and when you get it back, re-hack it.